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Alex is entrepreneur, speaker and business model innovator. He is co-founder of Strategyzer, a SaaS company that helps organizations develop new growth engines, better value propositions, and powerful business models via online applications and facilitated online courses. Read more about Alex here.

Friederike Fabritius, MS, is a neuroscientist and pioneer in the field of neuroleadership. Read more about Friederike here.

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Enterprise Agility

In a time where the future is becoming harder to predict, enterprise agility and an organization’s ability to re-invent itself are key to survival. It’s time to look beyond the frameworks used for scaling Agile beyond IT and understand the DNA of a successful transformation that leads to sustainable enterprise agility.

Who’s it for?

These sessions are designed for anyone interested in the concept and benefits of enterprise agility and seeking to find out more about how it can be applied in their own organizations.

Environmental Safety

For some organizations, being more agile is a matter of survival. For others, it’s a way of gaining competitive advantage. Whatever the objectives, such evolution also brings sizeable challenges, especially in terms of the required cultural shift.

Who’s it for?

These sessions are a blend of real-life case studies and interactive sessions to support experimental learnings that brings the key principles to life. They are for anyone who may have a vested interested in creating the right environment for their organization’s transition to greater agility. 

The Worst Idea That Actually Worked

Come hear case studies without filters of professional failure stories, great stories about screw ups, blunders, bad ideas that did amazing things, situations where teams or individuals made something new out of an old idea, and stories of when success was found in failure.

Who’s it for?

The stories and discussions are equally applicable to teams doing the work and individuals with the authority to create environments where experimentation can take place.

Coaching is transformative and that can be hard, so it’s good to take time to focus on your “inner coach.” As change agents, agile coaches are the embodiment of how we will adjust the world’s mindset. In these sessions, all presented by Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coaches, you’ll gain insight and practical learning to help you answer questions you may not have even thought about yet. It’s time to grow, invigorate, and feel confident that you’re on the right path.
Who’s it for?
These curated sessions are for anyone who is coaching now, those who are aspiring coaches, and those who want to be better mentees/coachees. If you are looking for affirmation and even some hard truths, these sessions are where you should be. And yes, aha moments are expected.

Radical Innovation

The stories and discussions are equally applicable to teams doing the work and individuals with the authority to create environments where experimentation can take place.

Who’s it for?

Since these sessions cover issues that arise between “continue” and “disruptive innovation,” people dealing with product visions (i.e. Product Owners and Innovation Leaders) will benefit from new insights. In addition, developers can get a better understanding about the processes of product innovation and gain understanding about how they impact their activities.

Technical Excellence

Effective implementation of software development practices requires behavioral changes from those in software development teams, and a change in mindset from people across the organisation. Hear examples of how key components of technical excellence have been introduced and the impact it had on the organisation. Explore ideas on how to upskill in these techniques and to discuss the challenges of implementing them, including the limitations given by the organisational culture.

Who’s it for?

This theme is aimed at anyone who is interested in modern craftsmanship practices and improving the quality of the software they or their teams produce. Developers will be keen to share their experiences in embedding these engineering practices, while managers will want to understand how to create the right environment to support their successful implementation.

The Leader in You: Share Your Story and Inspire Others

Hear real stories about real people and how a professional career in agility has changed them as a person. These inspirational sessions are presented by people who offer insight about their own personal agile journey; how they started, how they’ve been changed, what drives them to keep moving, learning and improving, and more.

Who’s it for?

Everyone is welcome to listen, participate, and find inspiration.

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