Our mission is to help you develop your own Agile capability. We have in-depth experience helping organisations transition to Agile and have taken a leading role in some of the largest and most successful Agile adoptions across Europe. We understand that people are at different stages of their Agile journey and our trainers and coaches use a tailored combination of education, consulting and coaching to develop your business Agile capability. Our Agile Capability Framework provides a powerful, actionable backlog of change that provides sustainable value to your business and customers. Visit for more information.

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BeLiminal are experts in agile training and coaching. We work with you to realise your purpose, delivering change that increases business agility and minimises the time it takes to deliver business impact. We believe in creativity, collaboration, team working, and that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our desire is to see real human potential unleashed and believe that the right processes, carried out by empowered and focused people can dramatically improve business performance. Come and say hello at our stand or visit to discover more about how we can help you and your business.

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KnowledgeHut is World’s leading Learning and Transformation solutions company having trained over 60,000 professionals, partnering with over 100 leading technology companies across 70 countries. We collaborate in your journey towards Enterprise Agility and seamless delivery through DevOps, leveraging our full-range services portfolio including Training, Certifications, Coaching, Consulting, Staffing and Tools & Technology implementation. We employ a completely hands-on approach along with practical orientation aligned to your business context, aimed at delivering outcome-based interventions and value creation.Come, join hands in your quest for People, Process and Technological excellence which is measurable, scalable and sustainable!

Formed in 1981, TCC has been at the forefront of Agile since the early 1990s and has become a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading organisations. We provide specialised training and award-winning coaching and consultancy that enable you to deliver value consistently, predictably and sustainably. Whether you’re starting out with Lean and Agile, or scaling up, using experience and expertise gathered over more than 30 years, we can help. Learn more on Twitter at @tccltd and on our website

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Radtac is an international consulting group that helps organisations move faster, adapt quicker and stay ahead.  We exist to help brilliant teams do brilliant things - and we do that through our range of solutions around Business Transformation, Scaling, Lean and Agile, and Design Thinking. Across these areas, you’ll find our services - Coaching and Consulting, Training & Education, Teams and Practitioners, Visualisation - which can be combined in any way you want, supporting your organisation’s journey or your professional path. Find out more on or grab one of our great people at the event for a quick chat over coffee.

Agil8 cut through the hype to help our clients understand and successfully apply agile methods, to deliver projects, products and services that delight their customers. We do this through practical, results-focused training, consulting and coaching for teams, management and senior leadership.
Our clients range from small lean start-ups to the largest multi-nationals, from individuals and individual teams to the largest departments and enterprise agile roll-outs. We work with organisations that need a more agile approach to digital, technology, software and systems development as well as applying our deep understanding of agile to more diverse areas including infrastructure, marketing and cancer care.

For decades Post-it® Brand has been on a mission to empower teams to do their best work and be more productive, whether that’s managing projects or generating breakthrough ideas.
Our tools are designed to help teams channel their unique skills toward successful outcomes, no matter how complex the project. 

Implementing Scrum using Post-it® Teamwork Tools helps to track tasks through various stages and ensures that everyone is aware of the progress. It can help turn thoughts into actions and actions into achievement. Come and say hello at our stand to find the right tools for your tasks.
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QA is one of the largest learning services organisations in the UK, developing skills and capabilities for everyone from apprentices to business leaders. With a flagship learning facility in London and a nationwide network of state-of-the-art training centres, QA Group is comprised of four fast-growing divisions - Learning, Apprenticeships, Consulting and Higher Education - all of which deliver innovative and cutting edge skills solutions to UK organisations.

QA offer a large suite of Agile training courses suitable for businesses and individuals at every level. Whether you simply wish to improve your understanding of Agile methodologies, look to adopt an Agile mind-set within your organisation or accelerate your existing Agile capabilities, QA is here to help.

Our mission is to resolve ever evolving scaling issues with Dependency Tracking, Distributed Teams and Release content management, throughout all levels of delivery.

By combining, Agile expertise in popular scaling models, state of the art visualization, graphics and simplicity of use, Kendis offers the solution to enterprises with agile scaling needs. Kendis enables enterprises to Plan, Manage and Track output of multiple teams, Releases and Program Increments.
It integrates with JIRA and other ALM tools and uses 2-way real-time sync to keep information up to date instantly, saving time and providing accuracy.
Visit on how Kendis can help YOUR enterprise.

Kendis – Framework agnostic agile scaling platform

Scrumit is a new venture run by Abid Quereshi, an active software developer and consultant based in London. Scrumit’s mission is to help institutions everywhere adopt Evidence-Based Management. For over 22 years Abid has helped more than 50 organisations all over the world create new and evolve existing business and technical practices.  Abid is a Scrum Alliance recognized Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Enterprise Coach who brings business and technical people together to deliver in some of the most complex environments.

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