Tim Harford is a world-renowned behavioural economist, an award-winning Financial Times columnist, and a BBC broadcaster. Described as ‘Britain’s Malcolm Gladwell,’ and by the New Statesman as ‘perhaps the best popular economics writer in the world,’ he brings storytelling, humour and intelligence to an oft-maligned discipline. A regular TED speaker, Tim also looks at why it’s so hard – yet so important – to learn from mistakes, how to deal with uncertainty, how forecasting works and what to do when it doesn’t, and what innovation really means and why the wrong sort of innovation can be a distraction. Taking in everything from the military to game shows, aviation to ballet, global catastrophes to finding the right socks, he questions received wisdom, common sense and statistical certainty. Tim’s accessible, easy style provides entertaining, thought-provoking insights relevant to every person and organisation.

Tim Harford

Professor Damian Hughes is an international speaker and bestselling author who combines his practical and academic background within sport, organisational development, and change psychology to help organisations and teams create a high performing culture.

He is the author of eight bestselling business books, including Liquid Thinking, Liquid Leadership, How to Change Absolutely Anything, How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson, The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset, and The Barcelona Way: Unlocking the DNA of a Winning Culture. He was nominated for the 2007 William Hill Sports book of the year award for Peerless, his biography of boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson. In 2009, he co-authored a critically acclaimed biography of boxing legend, Thomas Hearns in Hitman: the Thomas Hearns Story. In 2013, his biography about Marvelous Marvin Hagler became the UK’s best-selling sports biography.

Damian was appointed as a Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change for Manchester Metropolitan University in September 2010. He is currently serving as a member of the coaching team for Scotland Rugby Union and Canberra Raiders.

His innovative and exciting approach has been praised by Sir Richard Branson, Muhammad Ali, Sir Terry Leahy, Sir Roger Bannister, Tiger Woods, Jonny Wilkinson, and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Professor Damian Hughes

From co-founding the world famous improvisation group The Comedy Store Players with Mike Myers, through to appearing on the likes of Have I Got News For You, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Austin Powers movies, Saturday Live and QI, Neil Mullarkey has worked with some of the most talented names in comedy, film and television.

Having been elected president of the influential Cambridge Footlights at the beginning of his career, Neil has since gone on to share the stage with the likes of Eddie Izzard, Tony Hawks, Dawn French, Nick Hancock and Eric Sykes, and has been at the forefront of theatre improvisation for over a quarter of a century. Now he is forging a reputation for using this unparalleled expertise on the stage to inspire people and businesses to embrace their creativity and enhance their communication skills.

With a string of prestigious clients and regular appearances across the national broadsheets writing articles and reviews, Neil has become synonymous with bringing the agility and innovation of improvisation to the boardrooms and sales teams of the world’s biggest corporations; transforming businesses from the inside by encouraging communication, collaboration, engagement and creativity, and simplifying some of the most complex of problems into the most compelling of solutions.

Be it designing bespoke workshops through to immersing himself in individual executive coaching on communication skills, Neil is now helping businesses across the globe communicate better, build high performing teams and deliver genuine, tangible results.

Neil Mullarkey

Paris Petgrave is the CEO of We Love Work, an award-winning people analytics platform that uses employee data on company culture to predict performance and fit.

The company's technology is revolutionising the way people look for work by matching job candidates to companies which are most aligned with their values and work styles by improving culture, team performance, D&I , and engagement, thereby reducing attrition for companies globally.

Paris is also the founder of Rare Seed Capital, an early stage seed fund for high-growth tech startups with diverse founding teams. Rare Seed invests in ambitious founders with groundbreaking ideas at pre-seed/seed stage.

Paris Petgrave

Debra Searle is a professional adventurer and serial entrepreneur. Her expeditions have included rowing solo across the Atlantic and sailing around Antarctica. She has also launched four companies, is a published author, has worked as a presenter for the BBC and is a trusted corporate speaker. Debra’s spirit of adventure gained her an MBE from Her Majesty the Queen and a place on the board of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. She was later awarded an MVO in the 2014 New Year’s Honours. In Spring 2015, Debra and her company combined her two passions for adventure and gender equality by organising and leading an all-female team on an expedition in the Arctic Circle.

Debra Searle MVO, MBE

Jia Jiang is the world’s foremost expert on rejection. He is the founder and CEO of Wuju Learning, a company that trains organizations and employees to become fearless.

Jia’s story started when several years after his career in the corporate world, he took a risk and stepped into the unknown world of entrepreneurship, which resulted in everyone’s biggest fear… REJECTION.

This became the catalyst that set Jia on the path to his true calling. To conquer the fear of rejection, Jia embarked on a personal quest and started a video blog to face the 100 Days of Rejection. His journey revealed a world that was hidden in plain sight, a world where rejection is an advantage instead of a setback, and where there are opportunities behind every rejection. It has become Jia’s mission to help others to discover that world for themselves.

Jia Jiang

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