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Many consider tacos to be their own food group. In Austin, we couldn’t agree more.

Austin Eats! Taco Edition

Yes, Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World (more about that, I promise), but this city offers so much more. Stand-up comedy, dancing, haunted city tours, and karaoke (ok, I guess that is music-ish) are some ways to keep busy at night after Gathering events. 

Austin Nightlife

Call for Papers for the Austin Scrum Gathering. What makes a great presentation?

What makes a great presentation?

What’s new? Call for Papers for Global Scrum Gathering Austin (and the release of our new submission system!)

What’s new? Call for Papers for Global Scrum Gathering Austin

With Global SCRUM GATHERING® Minneapolis 2018 right around the corner, we’d like to introduce you to your North America Gathering Team (NAGT) for the 2019 Gathering in Austin, Texas!

SGAUS19 News to the World

When Erika Flora, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, stumbled across the North American Gathering Team (NAGT) planning session for Global Scrum Gathering℠ Austin (SGAUS19), she thought, “Wow, that looks really fun.”

A Newbie’s Experience Serving on the North American Scrum Gathering (NAGT)

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